Ascent Training Services is a premier road safety training company.

We have 14+ years of experience in delivering training in the road safety industry. The company has always been committed to making a positive difference to our community, particularly by helping to reduce the number of people that suffer road trauma.

We deliver training courses in both the ACT and NSW for pre-learner drivers, learner L Plate drivers and P Plate drivers and for people who have been charged with drink driving or drug driving.

Our approach has always been to ensure that our courses are interactive, inclusive, draw on the knowledge and experience of participants and treat everyone with respect. Not to mention we make them an enjoyable experience as well!

So not only do our clients learn, they also enjoy the learning!

Behind the scenes the company has designed and developed courses, both solely and with partner organisations. Check out our services for more information.

Come and join us for a course, learn lots of things about driving and help to make a difference to the community!

Ascent Training Services has also been trading as the Road Ready Centre & Freebott.


NSW Safer Driver Course Queanbeyan, Cooma, Goulburn, Yass, Jindabyne
Drink Driving Courses


The NEVER Again Program is for road users charged with serious traffic offences. We run courses in Bega, Cooma and Queanbeyan.

It seeks to guide participants to a greater understanding of the circumstances surrounding their offence and to assist them to develop a commitment and an effective plan to avoid reoffending in the future.

The program assumes that recidivism can be avoided by providing participants with greater knowledge and understanding of factors that influence and affect behaviour, and the ability to drive both safely and legally. It also takes participants through a therapeutic process aimed at behaviour change in favour of safer driving attitudes and practices.



Drive4Work is an ideal road safety awareness program for employees, athletes and community groups that is conducted over 3 hours. It targets:

  • Reasons for crashes
  • Low risk driving techniques
  • Alcohol and drug driving

Planning for a safer future









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More about the NSW Safer Drivers Courses

If you’re on your NSW Ls and keen to learn more about safer driving behaviours then the NSW Safer Drivers Course is for you.
We run courses in Queanbeyan, Cooma, Jindabyne, Bega, Ulladulla, Nowra, Batemans Bay, Shoalhaven and Goulburn.

The Course will help you understand more about speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances and prepare you for when you drive unsupervised on your P’s.

You will also receive 20 hours of log book credit once you complete the Course.

To be able to attend a Course you must be on your Ls, completed 50 log book driving hours and be under 25.

This is 50 actual hours of on-road driving and does not include the hours that can be accrued through (3 for 1) structured professional instruction.

 Safer drivers course

The Safer Drivers Course costs $140, payment must be made at the time of booking.  

On the day

All Course materials will be supplied at the Course and the vehicle will be supplied for the in-vehicle coaching session. Just make sure that you turn up with your licence and your log book!

Safer Drivers Course – frequently asked questions

What is the maximum amount of participants for a NSW Safer Drivers Course to be held? 

Module one (the group discussion) will be run by a facilitator and the maximum number of participants is 12.

Module two (the in-vehicle coaching session) will be delivered by a coach with two learner drivers.

Do I have to complete the NSW Safer Drivers Course modules in a particular order?
Yes. Participants must complete module one (the facilitated group discussion), before completing module two (the in-vehicle coaching).

Module two should be completed within one month of module one.

What happens if a learner driver only completes module one of the NSW Safer Drivers Course ?
The 20 log book hours credit will only be available for learners that have completed both modules of the Course within four weeks.

See Booking Terms and Conditions to learn more about our cancellation/rebooking policies.

Can I fail the NSW Safer Drivers Course ?
No. There is no assessment or pass/ fail component of the Safer Drivers Course.

However, participants must complete both Course modules to be eligible for the 20 hour log book credit in their learner driver log book.

How will the 20 hours credit be recorded in my log book after I complete the NSW Safer Drivers Course ?
As you complete each module the facilitator or coach will enter the details and sign-off the Course completion in your logbook on page 110 – ‘Structured Lesson Record Keeper and Safer Drivers Course Record’.

In addition, the driving coach will enter 20 hours credit in the ‘Driver experience record’ section of your log book so you can keep an accurate running total of your log book driving hours.

What happens if I have a log book that was issued before July 2013?
You won’t need to get a new log book.

We will complete and sign an insert for page 110 – ‘Structured Lesson Record Keeper and Safer Drivers Course Record’ of your log book

Greater Western Sydney Giants Academy players join the Safer Drivers Course 

How to make a NSW Safer Drivers Course booking?

Paying by Credit Card

  • Select the Book Now Button at the top or bottom of the screen
  • Available dates and locations are displayed 
  • Select the Book Now button next to the course of your choice
  • A registration box will appear
  • Enter the participant details, the person attending the course, please ensure all information is completed any missing information will not allow you to continue with the booking
  • Press OK button to confirm details
  • Don’t forget to also book your Module 2 – NSW Safer Drivers Course
  • Select the Checkout at the top right of the screen
  • You should have a NSW Safer Driver Course for Learner Drivers and a Module 2 – Safer Driver Course displayed in your Checkout Cart, a price is only allocated to the first course.
  • Under billing details please enter the details if not the same as the participant on where the payment receipt is to be sent
  • Select Continue
  • Select Continue to Secure Checkout
  • Enter the Credit Card Details, payment is confirmed immediately
  • 3 emails will be sent, confirmation email to the participant, confirming the dates, times and location of both the courses and an email to the billing details confirming payment with a receipt attached




Locations where the NSW Safer Drivers Courses are available

Batemans Bay Safer Drivers CoursesBega Safer Drivers CoursesCooma Safer Drivers Courses | Goulburn Safer Drivers Courses | Jindabyne Safer Drivers Courses | Nowra Safer Drivers Courses | Queanbeyan Safer Drivers Courses | NSW Safer Drivers Courses | Queanbeyan Safer Drivers Courses | Shoalhaven Safer Drivers Courses | Ulladulla Safer Drivers Courses

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